Welcome to Your First Day

Incoming Conservatory Students
The first day of the school year is Tuesday, August 17th. Incoming Tech Students 9:00 AM Introduction to Orientation Week – Severson Theatre
Incoming Tech Students and Interns 10:15 AM Meet and Greet – Severson Theatre.

All Company Members, which includes all Students and Interns – Company Meeting 11:00 AM in the Marian Theatre.
Your lunch break will be from 12pm to 1pm and your schedule for the afternoon will be provided upon your arrival.
Please dress comfortably and presentably(and wear close-toed shoes) – It is a class day and it is also your first impression with the professional company.

As a reminder, all incoming Conservatory students must send their “H” number (the student identification number you receive via email after applying to Allan Hancock College) to our Executive Administrative Assistant, Trisha Stewart at trisha.stewart@hancockcollege.edu. Trisha will respond with instructions on registering for PCPA classes – which are locked to the rest of AHC. You must register and pay for your first semester by July 8.

If you find you will be unable to attend the Conservatory this fall, please let Erik Stein know as soon as possible at casting@pcpa.org.

Incoming Interns
All technical and acting interns must attend orientation on their first day, even if you have been a student and/or intern with us in the past. Start dates vary, and can be found on your Scholarship Agreement. Geno Franco, the Company Manager/Assistant Production Manager will apprise you of your orientation time and location closer to your arrival. Following all intern orientations, tours will be offered for those who are new to PCPA. You can contact Geno at g.franco@pcpa.org with any questions that you may have.

Reminder: All incoming interns must send their “H” number (the student identification number you receive via email after applying to Allan Hancock College) to our Executive Administrative Assistant, Trisha Stewart at trisha.stewart@hancockcollege.edu. Trisha will respond with instructions on registering for the PCPA class that is required for your specific internship. You must register (there is no cost for your internship-required credit) by July 7.

What We Need From You


If you have not done so already, please fill out the applicable forms below. If you have any questions, contact Geno Franco, Company Manager / Assistant Production Manager at g.franco@pcpa.org or (805) 928-7731 ext 3153.

If you would like help finding housing please fill out the form at the link below. Some apartment complexes offer month to month rentals but the most common housing option here at PCPA is to rent a room from a patron or donor (see more at the “Housing” tab). If you already have your housing worked out, please notify Geno Franco.
Please complete the Emergency Information once you’ve received the link to Virtual Call Board. This information is only accessible to Stage Management, Company Management, and our Accounting Coordinator. It will only be referred to in the event of an emergency.
We ask that all incoming actors and technicians submit a headshot for our summer program and/or company ID. Please email your headshot (200 dpi, 6″ x 4.5″) to publicity@pcpa.org.

If you do not have a headshot, fret not! One will be taken upon your arrival.

Example of bio length (100 words) and format.

Production Schedule

Below is a summary of the 2022 – 2023 winter/spring season. You will receive a copy of the fall calendar when you arrive.

The Agitators Previews

6/23, 6/24

1st Rehearsal

May 31

1st day of Tech

June 18


June 25


July 10

Sound of Music Previews

6/30, 7/1

1st Rehearsal

May 31

1st day of Tech

June 25


July 2


July 31

Into the Woods Previews

8/11, 8/12

1st Rehearsal

August 2

1st day of Tech

August 6


August 13


September 4

Native Gardens Previews

8/25, 8/26

1st Rehearsal

July 29

1st day of Tech

August 20


August 27


September 17

Directions to Marian and Severson Theatres

From the North: Take the Stowell Road Exit off of 101 South. Turn right at the light onto Bradley Road. Cross through the first intersection (Bradley and Stowell) and then turn left when you see signs for Allan Hancock College Campus, then take an immediate right and follow the signs pointing to “theatres.”
Building D is the one that looks like and upside down cupcake and has PCPA flags out front.

From the South: Take the Stowell Road Exit off of 101 North and turn right onto Bradley Road. Turn left when you see Allan Hancock College Campus, then take an immediate right and follow the signs pointing to “theatre.”
Building D is the one that looks like an upside down cupcake and has PCPA flags out front.


Directions to The Scene/Prop/Costume Shops

800 S. College Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93454

From the Marian / Severson Theaters: Exit the Marian Theatre parking lot turning right onto Bradley. Turn right – at the light – on Stowell, and right onto South College Drive. After five blocks, you’ll pass the athletic fields. Just to their north is E. Park Ave. You’ll see the parking lot on your right in the next block – this is for Building O. There is usually an Allan Hancock Winery sign that helps denote you have found the right place!

Directions to The Rehearsal Rooms and Admin Offices - "CBC"

900 East Stowell Rd
Santa Maria, CA 93454

From the North: Take the Stowell Road Exit off of 101 South. Go straight through the light so you are passing between two shopping centers. Continue past the Costco tire shop and CBC will be on your right; enter under the awning on the left.

From the South: Take the Stowell Road Exit off of 101 North. Take your first left onto Bradley and then take the first right onto Columbia Way – passing through the shopping centers. Continue straight past the Costco tire shop. CBC will be on your right, enter under the awning on the left.


To park on Allan Hancock College Campus you need to purchase a parking permit online – please be aware that the parking permit costs less than one ticket and PCPA cannot help you if you receive a parking ticket. To purchase your parking permit, please long into myhancock with the username and password you established during registration.

One Day Passes are available at vending machines in AHC parking lots for $2.00 a day.

Driving Company Vehicles

Some Technical Interns will be asked to drive company vehicles during their time with PCPA. If this applies to you, a straightforward form will be provided during your orientation – please be sure to bring your drivers license on your first day for this purpose. More specific information regarding vehicle policies will be shared during your first week.

Tech Intern Supplies

Fall Intern Supplies List:
All fall technical interns are required to have closed toed shoes – all shoes must be sturdy and cover your full foot at all times you are at any PCPA facility, no matter which position you hold. Acceptable footwear includes work boots or hiking boots unless otherwise required for the different positions listed below. We require all technicians to have outdoor personal protections (sunscreen, hat, a water bottle with a solid closure system, sweatshirt/hoodie/heavy jacket) for working outside and in the evenings at the Festival Theatre in Solvang when the temperature drops at night to the 50s. In general your show blacks need to be suitable for both warm and cold weather, shoes must be all black and hard soled, and pants must have belt loops and be worn with a belt.

There are also specific requirements and recommendations in each of the following areas:

Carpenters and Prop Artisans:
Required – 25’+ steel tape measure, hat with a visor or ANSI rated safety sunglasses, regular safety glasses, hard soled shoes or boots (steel or safety toes encouraged), Multi-tool
Recommended – Personal hatred hat, screw gun, basic carpentry hand tools (hammer, wrenches, ratchet & sockets, screwdrivers, square, etc.), welding hood, welding gloves, 100% cotton long sleeve shirt of welding leathers

Recommended for Stitchers and First Hands – 8: shears, thread snips, thimble, pinking shears
Recommended for Costume Crafts Technicians – smock or other personal protection equipment, clothing for painting/dyeing

Required – 3 sets of black clothing (long sleeved shirts, long pants with belt loops, belt, solid black shoes, black socks), black sweatshirt/hoodie/heavy jacket
Recommended – Multi-tool

Lighting Technicians:
Required – crescent wrench, Multi-tool, work gloves, mini flashlight, 3 sets of black clothing (long sleeved shirt, long pants with belt loops, belt, solid black she’s, black socks)
Recommended for all Lighting Technicians – personal hard hat, speed wrench, headlamp (with a low or red light setting), kneepads for working on catwalks
Recommended for Spot Operators – heavy black sweatshirts, black scarf and black hat

Required – 25′ + steel tape measure, clothing that can be painted in that is suitable for both warm and cold weather, sturdy hard soled shoes

Production Assistants/Running Crew:
Required – 3 sets of black clothing (long sleeved shirts, long pants with belt loops, belt, solid black shoes, black socks), black sweatshirt/hoodie/heavy jacket, Multi-tool, mini flashlight

Stage Managers/Assistant Stage Managers:
Required – 3 sets of black clothing (long sleeved shirts, long pants with belt loops, belt, solid black shoes, black socks), black sweatshirt/hoodie/heavy jacket, Multi-tool, mini flashlight

Sound Technicians:
Required – flashlight, hearing protections, work gloves, sunglasses,3 sets of black clothing (long sleeved shirts, long pants with belt loops, belt, solid black shoes, black socks), black sweatshirt/hoodie/heavy jacket
Recommended – Leatherman, soldiering iron, basic repair kit, C-wrench, personal hard hat

Tech Student Supplies

Supplies and books you will need during your first year of training.
Please try to find your books and supplies before your arrive and please feel free to acquire them as cheaply as possible.
Supplies are limited here in Santa Maria.

Books and Materials Required of all Technical Conservatory Students

Required Books:

Backstage Handbook: An Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information by Paul Carter and George Chiang,
ISBN: – 13: 978-0911747393

Theatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costume, and Makeup; 7th ed. by J. Michael Gillette, ISBN–13: 978-0073382227

Basic Sewing for Costume Construction: A Handbook, Second Edition by Rebecca Cunningham
ISBN-13: 978-1577667551
This is a workbook and must be purchased new.

The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon
ISBN – 13:987-0470279496

Yes, And by Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton
ISBN – 13: 978-0062248541

Required Supplies

  • Basic tool kit which includes:
  • Hearing protection
  • 8 inch crescent wrench
  • Mag light with belt holster
  • Multi-tool with belt holster [ie. Leatherman Wingman or better]
  • 25 or 30 foot tape measure
  • Flashdrive – 32 GB
  • Basic Sewing Kit – recommended kits
    • https://www.amazon.com/Dritz-27081-Start-To-Sew-Kit/dp/B000YZCT6E/ref=pd_sbs_201_6?ie=UTF8&refRID=0GM6YYJ3V46FBP2EHASJ
    • http://www.amazon.com/Singer-1512-Beginners-Sewing-pieces/dp/B000G6KFJY/ref=sr_1_6/190-0365432-1648416?ie=UTF8&qid=1434493842&sr=8-6&keywords=best+sewing+kit
    • Or, use these examples as a list of items to create your own kit.


  • Two complete sets of nondescript/non-labeled black clothing including socks for run crew. Shirts must be long-sleeved; pants must have sturdy belt loops and be worn with a sturdy black belt.
  • Black shoes or boots
  • Close-toed, hard soled work shoes
  • Appropriate work clothing

Drafting Equipment

  • Architectural scale rule
  • Lead pointer
  • .5mm pencil HD lead
  • Protractor
  • Recommended Books and Supplies in Specific Disciplines


  • Scenic Art for Theatre: History, Tools and Techniques 3rd Edition by Peter Beudert and Susan Crabtree ISBN – 13: 978-0240812908
  • Roscoe Iddings 8 Brush Liner Set
  • Paint Clothes


  • The Costume Technician’s Handbook: A Complete Guide for Amateur and Professional Costume Technicians by Rosemary Ingham and Liz Covey ISBN – 13: 978-0325004778
  • 7” Dressmaker Shears (Fiskars or Ginger preferred, “new” condition)


  • Sound for the Stage by Patrick Finelli ISBN – 13: 978-1904031154


  • Stage Manager: The Professional Experience by Larry Fazio ISBN – 13:978-0840804104
  • The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson ISBN – 13: 978-0062367549
  • 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player by John Maxwell ISBN – 13: 978-07852744353

Scenic Design

  • Scene Design and Stage Lighting 10th Edition by Craig Wolf and Dick Block ISBN – 13: 978-0030642485


  • Heavy working gloves

Acting Student Supplies

You should be prepared to spend $400-600 on books and supplies for the 1st year of training. This is just an estimate, but is fairly reflective of most students’ experience. Please try to find your books and supplies before your arrival (and as cheaply as possible). Supplies are limited here in Santa Maria.

Below please find a list of some of the supplies and books with which you will need to arrive for the training.


a. All Classes

Bring plenty of sturdy athletic clothing and shoes, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and clothing in which you are free to move without completely obscuring the line of the body. Ideally, clothing should be fairly neutral – simple, logo free, relatively without pattern – so as not to distract the eye or concentration from the work. We want to be watching you, not your clothes. (Please note: Blue jeans and Levi’s are not acceptable for classes in which you are actively on your feet moving and/or involved in physical activity. Also, low-rise pants and cropped tops, which leave the midriff bear, are not appropriate for studio work. Please wear clothing in the studio that covers your torso without obscuring the bodyline.) Also, whatever is needed to keep hair out of your eyes and off your face.

b. Rehearsal clothing (class and production)

Women should have a calf-length, smooth-flowing skirt, a blouse with long sleeves and a button collar, a lightweight jacket or sweater, medium-height heels (dance character shoes are fine), and a shorter skirt or dress for class and rehearsal work.

Men should have at least one sport coat or suit jacket, a pair of hard-soled shoes (not boots), dark socks, slacks (dark or earth-toned), a long-sleeve dress shirt, a vest, and a necktie.

All students should have kneepads, a brimmed hat, and gloves. In addition, the following items may be useful for rehearsal work–shawls, scarves, and eyeglasses. (Note: Rehearsal clothing need only be thrift-store quality and price.)

c. Ballet

Ballet shoes are required. Be sure they are of good quality and to have them fit by a reputable sales person if you haven’t worn them before. Black tights, dance belts, solid color or white tee shirts are required for men; leotards and tights for women. Some athletic wear (shorts worn over tights, knees must be visible) and dance skirts are suitable for ballet class, but they must move easily, not in any way inhibit your movement and conform to the line of the body.

d. Movement

Movement clothes, athletic shoes (walking/jogging).

e. Production and Ushering Assignments

Each student may assigned a run crew positions during the two years and is required to have long black pants with belt loops, a sturdy black belt, several long sleeved black shirts, black socks, and black, sturdy shoes. Students also usher for Student Matinee performances and should have dark dress shoes, black pants or skirt and a white dress shirt or blouse.

A dance or gym bag to carry clothing and books will be essential. You’ll need to think ahead, plan, come prepared each day, and be ready to carry a lot of clothing and supplies with you.


a. Singing Techniques and Musical Theatre Ensemble

  • portable digital recorder – to record music for classroom work and production rehearsals. A smart phone will work.
  • 3-ring, loose-leaf notebook exclusively for music
  • highlighter pen

b. Movement class

  • notebook, large towel and yoga mat for floor work

c. Make-up seminar/production work

  • Ben Nye make-up kit; Ben Nye manufacturer. If you already own a complete make-up kit you need not purchase another or get this particular brand. This is a recommendation for those who do not already own their own theatrical make-up kit. All actors are responsible for providing their own make-up for productions unless specialty make-up is required, then the company provides it.

d. Voice/Speech

  • A yoga mat will be needed.

e. Acting

  • binder & 8 tab dividers

f. The usual supply of notebooks, pens and pencils, and journal-writing equipment.


Acting Class

Actions, The Actor’s Thesaurus, Caldarone & Lloyd-Williams, NHB, ISBN 854596748

A Challenge for the Actor, Uta Hagen, Scribner, ISBN 0684190400

An Actor Prepares, Constantin Stanislavski, Routledge ISBN 0878309837

Waiting for Lefty and Other Plays, Clifford Odets, Grove Press, ISBN 0802132200

William Inge – Four Plays, Grove Press, ISBN 080213209X

Six Plays by Lillian Hellman, Vintage Books, ISBN 0394741129

Arthur Miller: Collected Plays 1944-1961, The Library of America, ISBN 193108291X

Tennessee Williams, Plays 1937-1955, The Library of America, ISBN 1883011868

Tennessee Williams, Plays 1957-1980, The Library of America, ISBN 1883011876

Eugene O’Neill: Plays 1932-1943, The Library of America, ISBN 094045050X


You will need a complete works of Shakespeare. If you don’t already own one, or all the plays in single editions, we strongly recommend:

The Riverside Shakespeare (collected works; various editors); Houghton-Mifflin,

Shakespeare Lexicons (Alexander Schmidt)

If funds are tight and two Shakespeare lexicons (even used copies) are a financial challenge, PCPA has PDF copies that can be made available.
Please request the PDF after the start of the school year.

Actors’ Lab

The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey ISBN-10: 0679778314

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield ISBN-10: 1936891026

Non-required/supplemental class reading list is:

The Actor and the Target
Text in Action
The Lucid Body: a Guide for the Physical Actor

Voice and Speech

Every Day Voice Care by Joanna Cazden; Amazon lists both of these numbers:

ISBN-10: 1458443183 and ISBN-13: 978-1458443182

Text Analysis

A Raisin in the Sun, by Loraine Hansberry, ISBN# 0-679-75533-0.

(It must be this volume of the play.)


Please read and become very familiar with the following texts by your arrival in preparation for the first week of work:

  • PCPA Student Handbook
  • A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry*
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare*

*A Raisin in the Sun and Hamlet are required reading for you.

If you’re looking for some other summer reading, some faculty favorites include (in no particular order):

None of these are required reading, just some enjoyable and edifying suggestions from the faculty.

  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • The Empty Space by Peter Brook
  • Acting Power by Robert Cohen
  • Zen and the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel
  • Audition by Michael Shurtleff
  • The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
  • Acting, the First Six Lessons by Richard Boleslavsky
  • Metamorphosis by Ovid
  • Living History a History of the Theatre (Wilson/Goldfarb) – any edition is fine
  • Towards a Poor Theatre (Jerzy Grotowski)

And all the plays you can get your hands on…


I am a current student at PCPA or have been one in the past. Do I still need to apply to AHC?

Please contact Trisha Stewart at trisha.stewart@pcpa.org or (805) 928-7731 ext. 4114 with all registration questions.

Do I have to pay for registration?

Contact the Conservatory office.

I'm a non-Equity actor. Am I required to help with strike?

Yes. A strike call will be posted on the call board during your last week of performances in each venue (Santa Maria and Solvang). Occasionally we will not need actor help for strike, but you should assume you will be needed until you are told otherwise. This means you should plan to remain at the theater immediately after your final performance until you are released at the conclusion of the show’s strike.

When and how much scholarship money will I receive?

During their time with PCPA, technicians and non-Equity actors – no matter their level of experience – are engaged as professional interns, and as such are not employees of PCPA. Interns do not receive “pay.” All financial support comes to interns in the form of scholarship. Your scholarship is disbursed on the dates outlined in your Scholarship Agreement, in the amounts detailed therein. In general, your total scholarship amount is divided into equal parts and disbursed on the first day of your Agreement, every subsequent first day of the month and the last day of Your Agreement. However, while this is the usual formula for disbursement, you must refer to your Scholarship Agreement for the exact dates and amounts.

How can I pick up my check?

Interns may pick up their checks from the PCPA Box Office at the Marian Theatre beginning on or after each disbursement date on their Scholarship Agreement. The Box Office is open 12:30 – 7:00pm Wednesday through Sunday. Please bring a photo ID as well as your PCPA Company ID.

Equity actors are paid on Fridays. They may pick up their checks from the PCPA Box Office during business hours (12:30 – 7:00pm Wednesday – Sunday) and must present a photo ID as well as your PCPA Company ID.

What if my disbursement date falls on a Monday or Tuesday, or on a holiday?

If your disbursement date falls on a Monday or Tuesday, you may pick it up at the Box Office between 12:00-2:00 PM only. Simply knock on the outside window and show your ID. If your disbursement falls on a Monday or Tuesday and you do not pick it up on that day, you must wait until regular Box Office hours to pick it up.

If your disbursement date falls on a holiday, your check will be available during regular Box Office hours on the last business day before the holiday.

I won't be in town on the date of my disbursement. Can I pick up my check early?

No. You may pick it up when you get back, during regular Box Office hours.

The last day of my Agreement is a Sunday, and my shop is closed on weekends. Can I pick up my check on my last Friday?

No. We can mail your final check to a forwarding address if you like, but you are expected to be in town through the final day of your Scholarship Agreement.

Can I get an advance on my next disbursement?


Can I sign up for direct deposit?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide direct deposit for scholarship or guest Equity checks.

What if my bank doesn't have a branch in Santa Maria?

You may cash your check at PCPA’s bank, Rabobank. There are several branches in town.

Is my scholarship taxable?

Yes. The portion of a scholarship meant to cover living expenses is specifically defined as taxable income. Students must report this income to the IRS. You will not receive a W-2 from PCPA. If you would like a letter stating your scholarship amount come next tax season, you can email Laura Schaaf at lschaaf@pcpa.org. You should consult a tax professional for specific guidance on the taxability of scholarship income respecting your specific situation.


Welcome to PCPA!

We are thrilled you are joining the company. I am the Company Manager/Assistant Production Manager and part of my responsibility is to help you find housing. I serve as the liaison between tenants and landlords. I will give you a list of options that best fit your needs then it is up to you to make the connection.

PCPA does not provide housing. However, we do have information regarding housing, rooms for rent in private homes, and roommate referrals. Our students do one of following things:

Rent a room in a private home (see details below)
Find roommates and rent a house or apartment off the open market (see details below)

Option 1 has the most opportunities. Room rentals can range from $450-$650 per month. I have a long list of hosts who rent rooms to PCPA students and interns all the time, and they understand what your schedule will be like. You’ll have a private room, a private or shared bathroom, and full house access, including kitchen and laundry, etc. Most rooms come fully furnished (there are also a few unfurnished possibilities, if you want to bring your own bedroom furniture.) These rentals do not include a meal plan, phone or housekeeping. Some rental options include cable and internet, but this varies per host (but most are included.)

Option 2 is trickier, but if you are interested in an apartment or house for rent, I can make recommendations. Unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment rentals start around $900 per month and 2-bedroom rentals start around $1100 per month. These prices do not include utilities. Note that furnished apartments are NOT available in this area, so I would not recommend this option unless you can bring your own furniture or buy it when you get here.

Once you’ve accepted the position I would ask you to go to the “What We Need from You” tab and complete the appropriate information as soon as possible. As I help you find the situation that best suits you, I’ll need to know whether you will have a car, whether you have any pet allergies/problems, whether you require your own bedroom and/or bathroom, and how much you’re willing to spend per month on rent. It’s also helpful to me to know your age and what kind of person you art to live with, to help me narrow down a good fit for you.

As we get closer, I will send you more information about your first day. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jessica Noones
Company Manager/Assistant Production Manager
(805) 928-7731 x 3153

Housing FAQ

What is the rent range?

For host family’s homes, room rentals can range from $500-$650 per month and include utilities, a bed, a dresser and full house privileges.

What is a host family?

A host family opens up a room or two in their home for our students. Many have been host families for years and are supporters of PCPA. They are not screened but I try to list information I gather from other students to share with new students.

What if I don’t want to stay with a host family?

Staying with a host family is not the only option. You can rent an apartment. Unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment rentals start around $1000 per month and 2-bedroom rentals start around $1500 per month. These prices do not include utilities. Note that furnished apartments are NOT available in this area, so I would not recommend this option unless you can bring your own stuff or buy it when you get here.

What is PCPA’s role in the housing process?

If you wish for PCPA to assist you in finding housing options, you should fill out the housing form located on the “What We Need from You” tab.
Once you fill out this form I will send you a list of housing options. It is then YOUR responsibility to contact the host family and work out an agreement with them.
You should ask as many questions as you need to so that you can feel comfortable with your choice. I have not met all of the families or been in their homes.
This part of the process is up to you.

What does rent include?

For 95% of our host family’s homes utilities are included. Cable and internet service varies. I will include a list of the information I have about internet and cable.

Can I bring my pet?

It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not bring a pet. The homes that allow animals are VERY limited.

Are the homes furnished?

95% of the homes are furnished. You should ask about the specific furnishings. However linens, towels, and such may or may not be provided. You should inquire about this and other possible items.

Are there homes that are all PCPA students?

There are a few houses and apartments that are rented by current students and interns. It can be challenging to get one of those spots, and the rent range is more in the $600 – $700 category. If you’re interested in these options, please let me know in the notes section of your cousin survey!

Do I have to pay a deposit or sign a lease?

For host family’s homes you will not have to sign a lease. You may have to sign an agreement regarding needing to move out or house rules. There are some homes that require a deposit but most do not.

What if I don’t have a car?

We do have some homes within a mile or two of campus. I would recommend getting a bike. The weather is always lovely.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact me at companymanager@pcpa.org or 805.928.7731 ext. 3153 and I will help you as much as possible.
We want you to feel comfortable with your housing choice so you can do your best work in the studios, shops, and stage.



Bank of America
300 Town Center East SE Corner of Main & Broadway

2060 S. Broadway Between Carmen & Betteravia Chase

401 S. Broadway SW Corner of Cook & Broadway

2200 S. Broadway SE Corner of Betteravia & Broadway

Mechanics Bank
AHC Student Center ATM Building G, AHC Campus

519 E. Main St. NW Corner of Main & Elizabeth

1554 S. Broadway NE Corner of Broadway & Battles

1110 E. Clark Ave. (Orcutt) SE Corner of Clark & Bradley

Coast Hills Credit Union
1203 S. Broadway
SW Corner of Stowell and Broadway

SESLOC Federal Credit Union
2506 S. Broadway, Santa Maria

Wells Fargo Bank
319 E. Main St. NW Corner of Main & Miller

Wells Fargo Bank
2445 S. Broadway SW Corner of Broadway & McCoy

407 E. Main St. NE Corner of Main & Miller

1450 S. Broadway Between Stowell & Enos

4869 S. Bradley (Orcutt) NW Corner of Clark & Bradley

Post Offices

201 E. Battles
Between Miller & Broadway

155 S. 1st St. (Old Orcutt)
Off Clark, W of Orcutt Expwy/Broadway

Medical Services

Marian Medical Center
1400 E. Church
Off Main, E of Hwy 101

Central Coast Urgent Care
340 East Betteravia Rd.
Suite C
Ross Shopping Center

Dr. Ng (Dentist & Eyecare)
610 E. Chapel
(805) 928-0363

Dr. Lohman (Chiropractor)
2255 S. Broadway, Ste. 1
(805) 928-8866

Acupuncture Center of SM (Herb Kandel or Claire Heinritz)
225 E. Miller
(805) 922-4490

Things To Do

San Luis Obispo (35 miles north)
– college town, restaurants, clubs, shopping, farmer’s market

Santa Barbara (75 miles south)
– college town, restaurants, clubs, shopping, beach

Cambria (70 miles north)
– artsy town, galleries, Moonstone Beach.

Harmony (65 miles north)
– artist colony, population 20, pottery and hand blown glass

Las Vegas – 7 hours

Los Angeles – 3 hours

Morro Bay (50 miles north)
– on the ocean, cute fishing town with a really big rock

San Francisco – 4 hours

Avila Beach – 30 miles north
Guadalupe Dunes – West on Main Street until you hit water
Pismo Beach – 25 miles north
Cachuma Lake – 45 minutes south
Lopez Lake – 45 minutes north on 101Arroyo Grande – Camping
Naciemento Lake – 2 hours north on 101
Oso Flaco Lake – 15 minutes west

Paso Robles: http://www.pasowine.com/
map: http://www.pasowine.com/wineries/map.php

Arroyo Grande & San Luis Obispo:
map: http://slowine.com/cm/wineries_vineyards/wine_tasting_map.html

Santa Barbara County (including Santa Maria & Solvang):
map: http://www.sbcountywines.com/visit/map.html

Seasonal Events
Farmers’ Markets
San Luis Obispo – Every Thursday Night 5-9pm. Blocks and blocks of food, goods, music, people, and fun. Local shops stay open late. and Saturday mornings.
Santa Maria – Every Wednesday afternoon 2-6pm, Mervyns’s parking lot. Small but plenty of fresh vegetables.
Morro Bay – farmers market Thursday afternoons.
Arroyo Grande – farmers market Wednesday mornings and Saturday afternoons.
Mid-State Fair (July 22-August 2) – Paso Robles (60 miles north) – Lots of great bands! (www.midstatefair.com)

Misc. Stuff
Biplane rides – Oceano Airport
Boomers! – Santa Maria – miniature golf, batting cages, go-carts
Chumash Indian Casino – for the bingo and gambling lovers – Santa Ynez
Hearst Castle (75 miles north) – best display of sheer decadence on the Central Coast
Montana De Oro State Park (35 miles north) – lots of hiking, woods, water
Pismo Preserve – Shell Beach
Prime Outlets – shopping – Pismo Beach
Sycamore Springs – Avila Beach – amazing hot springs (www.sycamoresprings.com)
Whale Watching – Morro Bay, Santa Barbara


Edwards Cinemas 10
1521 S. Bradley
(805) 347-1166

Hi-Way Drive-In
3085 Santa Maria Way
(805) 937-3515

Festival Cinemas (Arroyo Grande)
1160 W. Branch
(805) 481-7553

Rancho Bowl
128 E. Donovan
SE Corner of Broadway & Donovan Billiard Lounge
1931 S. Thornburg
Off Carmen, W of Broadway

Edwards Cinema 14
100 Town Center East
(805) 922-3523

888 Morro Street
San Luis Obispo

The Great American Melodrama
1863 Front Street
Oceano, CA 93445


Casey Canino – Pilates Training and Classes

Western Village Health Club
2015 S. Broadway
(805) 348-1888

In-Shape City
1318 S. Broadway
(805) 928-7474

(Note: If you are interested in working with Gary or Mike, call them before you choose an exercise facility.)

Gary Gorospe
(805) 260-2781

Mike Loos
(310) 430-8456

The Pad Climbing Gym
2399 A. St, Santa Maria

Anytime Fitness (24 hour)
153 E. Clark Ave.
805 938-1300


2320 S. Broadway
NE Corner of Broadway & McCoy

1120 E. Clark Ave. (Orcutt)
SE Corner of Clark & Bradley

1700 S. Bradley

Lassen’s Natural Food & Vitamins
1790 S. Broadway
Between Newlove & Inger

Trader Joe’s
1303 S. Bradley
Right next to CBC

955 Rancho Parkway (Arroyo Grande)
Branch St. Exit

817 E. Main St.
NE Corner of Main & College

Grocery Outlet
1948 S. Broadway
805 922-0190

1870 N. Broadway
805 348-9600

Vallartas Supermarket
1482 S. Broadway
805 922-9815

1465 S. Broadway
805 922-9815


(This is a sampling of the variety offered in Santa Maria. We also have the usual chains, steakhouses, diners, Italian, seafood, pizza, Chinese take-out, and fast food. There are also some great non-chain specialty places in easy driving distance to Pismo or SLO, etc.)

Boonie Thai
618 E. Main St.
Between College & Elizabeth

California Sushi
416 E. Main St.
SE Corner of Main & Miller

Dino’s Liquor & Deli (sandwiches)
750 E. Main St.
SW Corner of Main & College

(famous California burgers)
1330 S. Bradley
Across from CBC

(breakfast & burgers, etc.)
156-C N. Broadway St.
(Old Orcutt)
Off Clark, W of Orcutt Expy/Broadway

Klondike Pizza
(custom pizza & beer)
2059 S. Broadway
Between Carmen & Betteravia

Maya (Mexican)
110 S. Lincoln St.
Off Broadway & Main

The Natural Café
(vegan options)
2407 S. Broadway
SW Corner of McCoy & Broadway

(bread, soup, salads, sandwiches)
540 E. Betteravia
SW Corner of College & Betteravia

Yanagi Sushi & Grill
2431 S. Broadway
SW Corner of McCoy & Broadway

Shaw’s Steakhouse – rebuilding
714 S. Broadway
805 925-5862

Kay’s Orcutt Country Kitchen
135 E. Clark Ave
805 934-4429

The Swiss Restaurant
516 N. Broadway
805 347-7800

Moxie Cafe
1317 W. McCoy Lane
805 361-2900

The Pantry
726 S. Broadway
805 739-8895

Rancho Nipomo BBQ & Cal-Mex
108 Cuyama Lane
Nipomo, CA

1201 E. Main
NE Corner of Main & Hwy 101

1419 S. Broadway, Ste. A
SW Corner of Broadway & Stowell

530 E. Betteravia
SW Corner of College & Betteravia

2530 S. Broadway
Between McCoy & Santa Maria Way