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PCPA – Pacific Conservatory Theatre’s Technical Theatre Program is the ultimate training ground for anyone passionate about theatre production. Our program is designed to inspire, challenge, and motivate you, so you can reach your full potential and pursue a rewarding career in technical theatre.

Our vocation-based approach is highly hands-on, meaning you’ll get plenty of practical experience in real-world scenarios. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll learn how to operate equipment, develop your creative talents, and hone your problem-solving skills to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

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How to Apply

To ensure a smooth and efficient application process, we request that all applicants apply through our online platform, Accceptd.

Acceptd is a secure and user-friendly platform that allows you to upload all of your application materials, including your resume, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Once we receive your application, our admissions team will review and be in touch to schedule an interview.

For more questions, please contact Michael Brusasco

Application Due Date: April 1, 2023

Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre




What are the application requirements?

Students applying for our two-year Technical Theatre Conservatory will need to provide the following:

  • An application
  • Your most recent school transcripts
  • Resume detailing education/training, theatre experience and/or special skills
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, or directors. (Not family)
  • Statement of Purpose:  in which you discuss your educational, professional, and personal goals and how PCPA can benefit you.

Portfolio material is not required; however, applicants can upload any material they want to share with us during the application process. Applicants can also share material during the interview process.

You must have a high school diploma or be at least 18 years old to attend the conservatory. Students who have yet to graduate from high school may be admitted to the program if they are 18 and demonstrate in the interview that they can benefit from the PCPA program

What’s the training like?

We are a vocation-based program prioritizing hands-on experience rather than classroom instruction.  Training occurs in a professional work environment: students support the production of Pacific Conservatory’s year-round season.  Students train in costumes, drafting, lights, props, scenic construction, scenic painting, sound, and stage management.

Can I focus on a specific area?

Focusing on a specific area is encouraged and catered for each student.  Through mentorship from faculty, students hone their craft, so they leave with the skills catered to their chosen career path.

What does a typical day look like as a student?

Students are in the shops, labs, and workshops five days a week, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Additionally, students participate in crew assignments for Pacific Conservatory Theatre’s professional productions.  We are an immersive experience.  Through our intensive program, we commit to every student that they will be ready to enter the professional world after graduation.

How much does it cost to train at PCPA?

Pacific Conservatory Theatre’s Professional Acting and Technical Theatre programs are fully accredited career and technical education (CTE) programs of Allan Hancock College.

Tuition at AHC is approximately $1,500 per year for California residents and approximately $12,000 per year for out-of-state students (Students can establish California residency during their first year of training).

There are additional fees and expenses for parking permits, books, and class supplies.

For more information on the cost of attendance and any available tuition fee waivers, please see

What’s it like living in Santa Maria, California?

Pacific Conservatory Theatre’s Professional Acting and Technical Theatre programs are fully accredited career and technical education (CTE) programs of Allan Hancock College.

Situated on California’s Central Coast, the area is known for its beautiful coastline, rugged cliffs, rolling hills, and picturesque vineyards.  Residents enjoy a year-round temperate climate with access to hiking, surfing, wine tasting, museums, and restaurants.  Santa Maria is famous for its unique style of barbecue, which typically features tri-tip beef, cooked over an open flame, and seasoned with garlic, salt, and pepper. It is home to some of the most productive agricultural areas in the world, producing crops such as strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, and artichokes.

Santa Maria is approximately 3 hours from Los Angeles and 4 hours from the Bay Area.

How much does it cost to live in Santa Mara?

The California Central Coast is a very desirable area to live in, making the cost of housing challenging for some.  PCPA can help students locate housing and roommates, and Allan Hancock College has additional resources to aid students in procuring housing.

Allan Hancock College’s Basic Needs Center is a resource for all students who experience basic needs insecurity.  For more information, visit

Is financial aid available?

Since students are registered as full-time students at Allan Hancock College during their time at PCPA, they qualify for financial aid. More information can be found at

Once admitted to PCPA, students can apply for scholarships to help support the cost-of-living expenses in their second year of training.