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Play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of theater artists by opening your home to PCPA Students and Interns.

PCPA Housing Network FAQ

What is the PCPA Housing Network, and who can participate?

The PCPA Housing Network is a community initiative designed to connect PCPA conservatory students and interns with local residents in the Santa Maria area willing to provide housing. Participants include anyone with extra space, such as a spare room, an ADU, or an empty property, interested in supporting the arts.

Who might I be hosting, and what are their schedules?

Hosts can welcome:

Acting Students: These students are enrolled in a demanding two-year program involving extensive acting, singing, and dancing training. Their schedules typically run long hours from 9 AM to 10 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

Tech Students: These students focus on the technical facets of theatre, such as set design, lighting, and sound, and adhere to a Monday-to-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM schedule. However, their hours can extend longer during performance periods.

Interns: Both summer and year-long interns have variable schedules but generally mirror the intensive and irregular hours similar to those of acting and tech students, particularly during performance times.

What is the expected hosting duration, and are there specific commitments?

Hosting durations can vary to accommodate the diverse schedules of PCPA participants:

For Two-year Conservatory Students: They typically require housing from mid-August to the end of May. Some students may also need accommodation extended through summer to participate in internships.

For Interns: They generally need shorter-term accommodation, usually from mid-May to early September. A select few continue their internships into the Fall and Spring, necessitating extended stays.

As a host, you have the flexibility to offer housing either just for the academic year or to include the summer months as well, depending on your personal availability and willingness to support the students and interns in their educational journey.

Can I charge rent, and what should it include?

Your support for the arts is invaluable, and while offering free housing is an exceptional gesture, it’s understood that it might not always be feasible. It’s encouraged to offer your spaces at lower rates, ideally including utilities and Wi-Fi in the cost. This approach significantly aids in reducing living expenses for students fully immersed in their artistic pursuits.

How are the housing agreements determined?

You and the PCPA students or interns are responsible for negotiating rent and the terms of your housing agreement. This process clarifies expectations and equips students with vital negotiation skills essential for navigating the competitive rental market. Your guidance in these discussions offers more than just accommodation; it’s a life lesson in advocacy and compromise, invaluable tools for their future endeavors outside the realm of academia and the arts.

How are hosts and students/interns matched, and what support does PCPA provide?

Matches are facilitated through direct 1:1 contact via a private Facebook Group, where students and interns can reach out to potential hosts. PCPA serves as an initial point of contact but does not provide ongoing support or mediate disputes. The Associate Production Manager is available to provide communication support.

What happens if there are disputes or issues?

While PCPA helps establish initial connections, we encourage direct communication between hosts and students/interns to resolve any issues. The Associate Production Manager can offer communication assistance, but it’s crucial for both parties to work toward solutions independently.

How can I become a host, and what are the benefits?

To become a host, complete our online application form. Hosting not only offers a potential financial arrangement but also a unique cultural exchange and the opportunity to support the arts. It’s a chance to make lasting connections and nurture future talent.

How does this initiative benefit the Santa Maria community?

This initiative addresses the housing needs of students and interns, fosters community engagement, supports the arts, and contributes to the cultural enrichment of Santa Maria. It ensures that emerging artists have the stable foundation necessary for success.

This comprehensive FAQ addresses the most common inquiries about the PCPA Housing Network. For more specific questions or further clarification, please feel free to reach out to Michael Brusasco, Associate Production Manager, at michael.brusasco@pcpa.orgor call 805-922-8313 – ext. 3151