An Iliad
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    An Iliad
    By Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare
    Based on Homer's The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles
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    Poster photo credit: John Osterhoudt
    An Iliad is a modern rendering of Homer’s classic story, adapted for the stage by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare. In a virtuoso performance, Tarah Flanagan inhabits over fifty characters. With the addition of live music (Eva Scholz-Carlson on the cello), and language that ranges from contemporary realism to epic poetry, An Iliad grapples with humankind’s perpetual capacity for violence, while exploring the beauty and kinship to be found even in the midst of war.
    An Iliad was originally developed as part of the New York Theatre Workshop Usual Suspects Program, Off-Broadway premiere produced by New York Theatre Workshop (Jim Nicola, Artistic Director; William Russo, Managing Director) in 2012.
    An Iliad was originally produced by Seattle Repertory Theatre (Jerry Manning Producing Artistic Director; Benjamin Moore, Managing Director).
    It was subesequently produced by McCarter Theatre Center, Princeton, NJ (Emily Mann, Artistic Director; Timothy J. Shields, Managing Director, Mara Isaacs, Producing Director).
    An Iliad was developed as part with the assistance of the Sundance Institute Theatre Program.
    Show Advisory
    This drama is best enjoyed by children 14 and older due to some mature themes.
    An Iliad is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York
    An Iliad
    Severson Theatre, Santa Maria
    October 4 - 20, 2018
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    Santa Maria Performance Times
    1:30pm 7pm

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    Talkbacks following every performance except October 14.
    PCPA Creative & Crew
    Artistic Advisor
    Lighting Coordinator
    Sound Coordinator
    Stage Manager
    Light Board Operator
    Adriana Gonzalez Hernandez
    Sound Board Operator
    Devin Herrick
    Wardrobe Supervisor
    Teralyn Bruketta
    Production Assistant
    Tiarra Lewis
    An Iliad original creative team
    Andrew Carlson
    Tarah Flanagan
    Eva Scholz-Carlson
    Asst. Director
    John Oosterhoudt
    Combat Consultant
    Helena Scholz-Carlson
    Technical Consultant
    Lionnie Rafael Alcaraz
    Hayley Ryan
    Tarah Flanagan
    Music Consultant
    Miriam Scholz-Carlson
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    Tarah Flanagan

    New York Theatre: The Mint Theatre, Looking Glass Theatre, and off-Broadway in the title role of The Little Prince, for Hang a Tale Prod. at the Pearl Theatre.

    Regional Theatre: Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse, Crossroads Theatre, Eugene O’Neil Theatre, Fulton Theatre, Pioneer Theatre, Public Theatre of Maine, Studio Arena Theatre, the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis (title role in St. Joan), and most recently, Utah Shakespeare Festival. She has been a proud company member of the Great River Shakespeare Festival since 2007 where she serves as an Artistic Associate.

    Film/TV: Mother’s Book-directed by Keith Joseph Atkins, PBS series, Futurestates, As the World Turns, and Darwin: the Series- directed by Carrie Preston.

    Training: PCPA Theaterfest, Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University (BFA), the Alabama Shakespeare Festival (MFA); Member, Actors’ Equity Association

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    Tarah Flanagan and Eva Scholz-Carlson (cello)
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    Tarah Flanagan
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    Photos Michael Collins
    An interview with Actor Tarah Flanagan
    An Iliad Notes

    An Iliad is a modern-day retelling of Homer's classic. Poetry and humor, the ancient tale of the Trojan War and the modern world collide in this captivating theatrical experience. The setting is simple: the empty theater. The time is now: the present moment. The lone figure onstage is a storyteller—possibly Homer, possibly one of the many bards who followed in his footsteps. He is fated to tell this story throughout history.

    Many of us first encountered Homer’s epic The Iliad in the same way we first met Shakespeare: as a canonical literary text that we studied in a high school classroom because it was “important.” However, the bardic poets did not begin as authors of great literature, but as performers of improvised stories. Every time they “sang the song,” they did it differently. Before The Iliad was “important,” it was alive and it was urgent, engaging a society grappling with the pain, horror, and beauty of endless war.

    Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare’s adaptation of Robert Fagles translation of The Iliad infuses this ancient story with contemporary urgency. Their unique telling is an attempt to reconcile Homer’s story with a society still defined by its wars, still addicted to its rage. In the tradition of the improvising bardic poets, the play they created is “An” Iliad. It is one iteration of this story, a recognition that each society reshapes its stories to speak to the particular concerns of its people. Each theatrical production, too, is a singular artistic iteration. While we originally developed this production for the Great River Shakespeare Festivals 2017 season, we are excited to learn how it will grow and adapt as we share it with you today.

    Stories live in all of us differently and testify to our unique, lived experiences and connections to the piece. We invite you to respond to the work individually and personally. We created this production with the principles of the GRSF’s founders, Alec Wild and Paul Mason Barnes, in mind. Rather than aiming to travel back in time, we want to remain rooted in the present so that we may hear the play in a way that speaks to our own lives and experience. We hope that this production of An Iliad reflects our belief that a really good story clearly told has the power to connect us to the pressing concerns of our world and the universal conflicts of the human heart.

    Andrew Carlson

    Tarah Flanagan

    "Spellbinding…Smartly conceived and impressively executed, An Iliad relates an age-old story that resonates with tragic meaning today…As he talks about ruined civilizations and how blind rage can overwhelm people whether they are on a battlefield or merely cut off by a car on the highway, the poet asks viewers, 'Do you see?' Indeed we do."
    —NY Times

    "Explosive, altogether breathtaking…Brilliantly meshes past and present calamity, with touches of the most caustic dark humor suddenly shifting into unimaginable pathos."
    —Chicago Sun-Times

    "100 intelligent, emotional minutes."
    —Huffington Post.

    "A brilliant and thrilling adaptation."
    —Philadelphia Inquirer
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