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PCPA Presents
Estella Scrooge - Combining the excitement of live theatre with the magic of movies, this new musical fare is sure to become a holiday favorite for the whole family. The production features a cast of 24 award-winning Broadway notables and is the creation of John Caird (Les Misérables & Nicholas Nickleby) and Paul Gordon (Jane Eyre & Pride and Prejudice).
Estella Scrooge - Combining the excitement of live theater with the magic of movies, this new musical fare is sure to become a holiday favorite for the whole family.

Streaming now through January 3.

Tickets are $29.99 for 72-hour viewing for each household, or $44.99 for a VIP Premium Theatre Experience, which includes unlimited viewings, a download of the CD and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Estella Scrooge is the first digital theatre piece filmed entirely during the pandemic, utilizing cutting-edge technology. The fully realized production, a dazzlingly cinematic musical theatre adventure, was filmed using tracked green screen techniques, with 3-D surreal digital environments created in post-production merged with the actual footage of the actors to bring the story to life in a brand-new way.

Visit PCPA's Estella Scrooge web page for more information,
tickets, casting, and trailers.

Let us tell you a new story in a new way.

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Interplay will be returning this Spring!

Be sure to visit PCPA Plays On! for virtual programming currently underway:

Talkback Thursday's with Erik Stein
PCPA@School with a variety of new interactive workshops for K-12, taught by PCPA's Resident Artists

Previous InterPlay Readings

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Friday, Sept. 18 - 7pm
Saturday, Sept. 19 - 1:30pm
The Agitators
By Mat Smart

"Do you believe this can ever be a country for all?"
The Agitators follows the turbulent and enduring friendship of two of America’s greatest agitators: Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony. Mat Smart’s historical play of rebellion and revolution echoes powerfully in today’s world.
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Friday, Sept. 25 - 7pm
Saturday, Sept. 26 - 1:30pm
The Thanksgiving Play
By Larissa FastHorse

Gobble gobble! In Larissa FastHorse’s bitingly funny satire, good intentions collide with absurd assumptions as a troupe of “woke,” white teaching artists are tasked with devising a school pageant about the first Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage month. A lá Saturday Night Live and hailed as a “rambunctious and edgy satire of wokeness,”
The Thanksgiving Play, roasts America’s “Turkey Day,” Political Correctness gone mad, and the theater itself!
(Mature Themes / Mild Adult Language)
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Friday, Oct. 2 - 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 3 - 1:30pm
The Tall Girls
By Meg Miroshnik

Poor Prairie is a dead-end town. There are only a few ways out for a girl: marriage, trouble, and maybe… basketball. During the dustbowl, when basketball was deemed “dangerous” for women, a ragtag team and coach defie their community and the odds. Meg Miroshnik’s play,
The Tall Girls, asks: “who gets to play?”
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Friday, Oct. 9 - 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 10 - 1:30pm
Things I Know To Be True
By Andrew Bovell

Be the first West Coast audience to get an exclusive glimpse of
Things I Know to be True. Australian writer, Andrew Bovell’s, poignant new play peers inside one American family through a poetic lens with universal impact.
(Adult Themes)
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Friday, Oct. 16 - 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 17 - 1:30pm
Mother Road
By Octavio Solis

In a timely sequel that could take place right here in the Santa Maria Valley, Solis’
Mother Road picks up 90 years after Steinbeck’s masterpiece, The Grapes of Wrath. Hard-worn and ailing, William Joad, and young Mexican American migrant farmworker, Martín Jodes, are bound together by a surprising and serendipitous blood knot that holds the keys to their fates and brands them travel partners in an epic journey down the Mother Road.
(Adult Language/Adult Themes)
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Friday, Oct. 23 - 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 24 - 1:30pm
Alabama Story
By Kenneth Jones

A pair of rabbits, a librarian, a children’s book, and civil rights all converge in “the Deep South of the imagination." Based on true events, Kenneth Jones’ new play is a simultaneously serious and playful love-letter to reading and to the stories - real and fictional - that shape our lives.
(Most appropriate for 13 years and older. )
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