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Welcome from the Artistic Director and Managing Director

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Whether you’re reading this in anticipation of the play or in pleasant reflection of your experience, thank you for coming to the theatre. We’ve all played our parts – ours, to tell a great story in an exemplary fashion and yours, to be present for its telling. You are the reason for all our efforts and we don’t take you for granted.

While we’ve been bringing these great experiences to generations of Central Coast residents and visitors, we hope you won’t take us for granted either. We’re only as good as the work on stage today and only as strong as the support we receive this year.
It’s more and more difficult to make the economics of the not-for-profit arts sector viable. You know it in your own lives, the cost of everything keeps rising. Mandated minimum wage increases, which our wonderful company members more than merit, rising health care and materials costs, are part of the challenges that PCPA faces. We regularly face the frustrating distance between the dollars available and what we’re otherwise capable of.

Despite the huge support we receive as vocational programs of Allan Hancock College, the college’s capacity to do more is also extremely limited by the aforementioned external factors.

PCPA’s artistry is not about the money it makes but the good it creates - in the lives of our community and the positive ripple it sends out to the American theatre and culture at large. Still, we’d like to be earning our own way and we need significantly more contributed support from this terrific community.

We strongly believe that PCPA is one of the factors that makes life on the Central Coast so good and truly feel we’re capable of so much more. Together we’ve made something good happen today. We hope that tomorrow you’ll be planning to come to the next show, telling others about your great experience in the theatre, and making a financial contribution to PCPA’s continued work. Tomorrow we will continue to work with the optimism, vigor and excellence you’ve come to expect from your professional conservatory theatre.

Jennifer Schwartz

Managing Director
Mark Booher

Artistic Director

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PCPA dedicates this season to the incomparable advocacy and generosity of Royce Lewellen. His support and leadership for the theatre’s important role in the Central Coast community and his significant role in the creation of the PCPA Foundation’s organization and endowment fund, have exemplified his vision of sustaining Pacific Conservatory Theatre in perpetuity. In gratitude for his four decades of unswerving support, all of us who work on the stage or behind the scenes dedicate our work this season to his honor.
Mission Statement

PCPA is a professional conservatory theatre, committed to reflecting and transforming our diverse community with the art of live theatre.

We believe that the theater has a vital role and responsibility in the community to enrich cultural literacy and improve the quality of life.

We commit to serving our current audience, cultivating our future audience and training the next generation of theatre professionals.

We aspire to adhere to the best theatrical traditions and to set new standards of excellent artistry, ethics, and professional practice for the future of the theatre.
Business Office
805 928-7731
Box Office
805 922-8313