Annabelle Oglesby

2nd Year Acting

Annabelle Oglesby

PCPA (Summer 2023) Wardrobe Dresser, Bright Star, Emma

PCPA (since August 2022) Mrs. Clarke, Conservatory Project: HOMEROOM; Cassandra/Montag, Conservatory Project: Fahrenheit 451; Wardrobe Dresser, Emma

Hometown: Arroyo Grande, CA

Bio: Annabelle/Annie Oglesby is a second year acting student at PCPA. She had the wonderful privilege of working wardrobe on Emma & Bright Star. She has participated in two Conservatory Projects, and had the opportunity to give suggestions on the script of the most recent project. Annie thrives to be a voice for those who need support, and wants to become a strong advocate for her Ensemble. Annie is thrilled to see what this second year has in store.