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Among the unique attributes of PCPA is the rich history from which it presses into the future. PCPA’s production and instructional legacy is borne most clearly in the commitment and passion of the artists who have created, served and grown here. Just a few of the more recognizable names of the approximately 5500 craftspeople who have either worked or trained at PCPA:
Ken Albers
Denis Arndt
Jamie Baker
Paul Barnes
Kathy Bates
Shari Belafonte
Robert Benedetti
Raye Birk
David Birney
Earl Boen
Robert Blackman
Libby Boone
Powers Boothe
Carol Brolaski
Brad Carroll
Richard Chapman
Jack Clay
Jeff Combs
John Gillard Daly
Daniel Davis
Sharon Davis
Melinda Deane
Larry Delinger
Michael Devine
John Dexter
Jerry Dunn
James Edmondson
Zac Efron
John Fernandez
Allen Fletcher
Robert Frank
Ralph Funicello
Michael Ganio
Boyd Gaines
Skip Greer
Harry Groener
David Gropman
Michael Gruber
Anne Guilbert
Harry Hamlin
John Hancock
Mark Harelik
Richard Hay
Lawrence Hecht
Mark Herrier
J. Allen Highfill
Elizabeth Huddle
John Iacovelli
Chris Idoine
Johanna Jackson
Nagel Jackson
Byron Jennings
Joanna Jones
Roddy Kennedy
Patrick Kerr
Alvina Krause
Michael Leibert
Larry Lester
Roberta Levitow
Kathy Lloyd
George Maguire
Jeremy Mann
Wes Mann
Donovan Marley
Michael X. Martin
Deborah May
Sandy McCallum
Jeff McCarthy
Kelly McGillis
James McLure
Terri McMahon
Colm Meaney
Mark Medoff
Kim Miyori
James Moll
Dan Monahan
Belita Moreno
Randal Myler
Leslie Parsons
Robert Patrick
B. Iden Payne
Gordon Peacock
Robert Peterson
Tony Plana
Jim Poulos
Rick Risso
Robynn Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez III
Mercedes Ruehl
Gretchen Rumbaugh
Remi Sandri
Stephanie Shine
Carolyn Shouse
Jack Shouse
Jason Shubb
Kurtwood Smith
Francine Tacker
Lauren Tewes
Russell Treyz
Jerry Turner
Bernard Vyzga
Keith Williams
Robin Williams
Laird Williamson
Dorien Wilson
Cal Winn
Michael Winters
Listed above are just a few who have gone on to national prominence among the hundreds of others who have taken on roles of national significance in the American theater. We “stand on the shoulders” of these company members as we look toward the future.
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