Solvang Festival Theater

Solvang Festival Theater

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Solvang Festival Theater
420 2nd Street, Solvang, CA
PCPA Summer
June 11 - September 6, 2020
The 700 seat, outdoor, Solvang Festival Theater operates primarily from June through October providing a space for PCPA productions.

The facility is maintained by Solvang Festival Theater thanks to an energetic board of directors, active patron program, volunteers, and a supportive community.

Since 1974, summer productions in the outdoor theatre have entertained tens of thousands of theatergoers who in large part travel to Solvang from all parts of California and the Western United States with the express desire to experience live theatre.
The relationship between Solvang Festival Theater and PCPA is unique in the theatre world.

For an entire community to wholeheartedly embrace live theatre as Solvang has done for the past 45 years is unequaled.
For tickets and information on PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre, please call the box office - (805) 922-8313 or business offices - (805) 928-7731. Or click on the “contact us” tab.

2019 Solvang Festival Theater
Board of Directors

Chris Nielsen, Chair
Ann Foxworthy Lewellen, Ph.D., Vice-Chair
Rick Krost, Chief Financial Officer
Ron Jones, Secretary

Dr. Bob Baehner
Susan Beckmen
Bill Bernstein
Barbara Bierig
Lois S. Brown
Jim Barnum
William R. Hurbaugh
Kathryn Wrench
David Wyatt

Mark Booher
PCPA Artistic Director

Mary Ann Norbom, Executive Director

Kelly Darby, Office & Star Patron Program Manager

House Managers

Jenny Miller
Brittany Mullenary

Solvang Festival Theater Business Office
P.O. Box 917, Solvang, CA 93464

(805) 686-1789
fax (805) 686-5912

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Business Office
805 928-7731
Box Office
805 922-8313

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