Tim Hogan

Properties Director

Tim Hogan

(805) 928-7731 ext. 3124

PCPA (since 1988):  properties for hundreds of productions and scenic design for Other Desert Cities, Barrymore, Our Town, Quilters, Skylight, Greater Tuna, The Daly News, Love Letters, Yours, Anne, Steel Magnolias.

Teaches:  Properties

Training:  Technical Certificate, PCPA; BFA, Webster University.

Member:  Society of Prop Artisan Managers (S*P*A*M)

Teaching Philosophy

Creativity is as important to our society as literacy. Ken Robinson defined creativity in his Ted Talk “Do Schools kill creativity” as “creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.” I totally agree with him. I see it as my job as the PCPA Properties Director and instructor in the Technical Conservatory to expose our students to a diverse variety of materials, tools, techniques, processes, and terminologies.

I believe that we are all creative beings and, given the proper environment, can accomplish anything. I try to give our students an environment free of negativity to freely create props for our stages.

I hope that the experiences in the PCPA prop shop and classroom can be used by our students in their future endeavors to build the tools an actor uses to tell stories in their own unique projects successfully.

I strive for our students to make their own creative connections and find solutions to their projects while guiding them by suggesting and not telling them how to do something but leading them to find their own unique paths to individual success.