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Resident Artist /
Director of Engagement
Kitty Balay

Workshops for Elementary Schools
Winter 2021

Learn from the actors, designers, directors, and theatre technicians who create breath-taking productions that delight Central Coast audiences year after year. We hope to see you in class!

Available Now - February 19
Select programs extended through May 14
Monday - Friday

50 minutes / Zoom or Google Meets

$100 per workshop
Special bundle pricing:
Buy 3 workshops, get the 4th for free!

Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County Schools
PCPA works in collaboration with The Children's Creative Project of the Santa Barbara County Office of Education. Your school will be invoiced for payment by that office to ensure the $200 Santa Barbara Arts Credit is applied for qualifying public schools.

Questions? Contact Kitty Balay


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Resident Artist
Yusef Seevers

African Dance
This workshop will explore one dance from the west coast of Africa with story, choreography, and possibly a song!
Comfortable clothes and an open space to move.
Available through May 14.
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Resident Artist
Katie Fuchs-Wackowski

Get Up and Move!
This workshop is filled with a diverse range of activities to get students up and moving around the room. We'll create a human zoo, a funky dance, and act out a story while practicing active listening, self-expression, and group collaboration.
Comfortable clothes and an open space to move.
Available through May 14.
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Scenic Charge Artist
Abby Hogan

The Biggest Paintings in Town
How Floors Tell a Story at PCPA
Master painter Abby Hogan will share her work for productions like Cinderella, Shrek, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, and Seussical. Students will learn how color, shape, and line can tell a story and how those elements can make you feel. This interactive workshop will draw students into the magical techniques that Abby shares and inspire them to create their own designs.
Large piece of paper, markers, crayons, or paint.
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Properties Director
Tim Hogan

The Art of Paper Mache
An exploration of the process, techniques, uses, and advantages of paper mache. From art class, to theatre class, to science fair, paper mache is a valuable and inexpensive skill. This class promises to be messy and fun!
White liquid glue, water, newspaper and/or tissue paper, a paper plate, a large bowl or container for mixing. Note: Container will no longer be food safe.
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