Teachers' Weekend

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PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre in Santa Maria, California invites theater educators to participate in
PCPA’s Theatre Teachers’ Weekend

September 23, 2017 - limited to 25 participants.

Theatre teachers can earn upper division units for attending PCPA’s Teachers' Weekend.

The weekend is designed to introduce theatre teachers to the immersive mentor/apprentice atmosphere of conservatory training in a professional environment.

The teachers will observe and work with professional actors who have a passion to teach.

Theater teachers will spend the day working with professional actors in workshops and observing classes in PCPA’s Conservatory program, and then they will attend PCPA’s production of Fences.

Scroll down for more Teachers’ Weekend information.

To reserve your space and to register
please contact Erik Stein at
or call (805)928-7731 ext 4119
or register online.
[click here]

PCPA’s Theatre Teachers’ Weekend

September 23

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Registration Fee:


Registration Due Date:

Friday, September 8

Registration includes:

One ticket to the evening performance of Fences

Two workshops with the professional conservatory faculty

Observe one class in the Acting Conservatory

Tours of PCPA’s facilities

“Stump the Technician” PCPA ’ s technicians help you find solutions to budgetary and tech challenges

Continental breakfast
Other expenses not included in registration fee, yet a discount is available when mentioning PCPA:

Lodging at The Historic Santa Maria Inn offers discounted rooms for teachers participating in PCPA’s Teachers’ Weekend.
Fences is directed by world renowned August Wilson expert, Timothy Bond, and features guest artist Derrick Lee Weeden as Troy Maxson.
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Teachers' Weekend
Saturday, September 23, 2017


Continental breakfast
Marian Lobby
GPS: 870 S. Bradley Rd., Santa Maria, CA 93454


Introduction in the Lobby


Tour the theatre


Audition Workshop in the Severson Theatre


Lunch (on your own)


Meet in parking lot of Building O


Tour the shops


Intro to the Tech program
CBC 19


Stump the Technician
CBC 19
PCPA Designers and Technicians help you solve budget and labor challenges


Observe (and take part if you wish) a class in the acting conservatory
CBC 16
Viewpoints - movement, gesture, and tempo based technique that enhances physical awareness, character development, and script exploration.


CBC 32
Set Design on a budget


Dinner (on your own)


Receive tickets at the Santa Maria Box Office


Attend Fences
Marian Theatre


Workshops subject to change

Quotes from past participants:

“Heartiest congratulations to you all for a well presented, balanced, joyous, and insightful weekend. I haven’t stopped talking about it yet and I can’t imagine I will any time soon.”

“This event was very well thought out, carefully orchestrated, and executed with more courtesy and thoughtfulness than I’ve seen in a long time.”

“It was a terrific weekend - a perfect mix of really good theatre, class observation, collaboration with fellow teachers, and Conservatory workshops. I’m excited to take all of this back to my students.”

“The extras were beyond marvelous.”

“We had such a great time this weekend! Thanks so much for all you and the staff did to make us feel well taken care of!”

“We loved everything about the weekend!”

“I loved observing the students. I felt like we actually got to see their personalities.”

“Thanks again for providing this unique opportunity for us.”

“I am impressed beyond words.”
Business Office
805 928-7731
Box Office
805 922-8313