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Education & Outreach Director,
Leo Cortez

PCPA offers a new series of virtual programming for youth that will take place virtually in your home.

These exciting ZOOM 60-minute session will hold a variety of fun and interactive activities, including appearances by special guests from current Resident Artists and our prestigious alumni. Age specified participants can engage in “How To” demonstrations.

Watch for fall and spring Youth Enrichment programming.

Previous Youth Enrichment Sessions

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Stage Make up in 3 parts
with Leo Cortez, Robin Newell, Jennifer 'Z' Zornow, Cody Soper
Explore the world of stage make up with make-up artist Leo Cortez. Participants will experience the process an actor goes through to establish a look that can transform them into the character needed to tell the story in a play or musical.
These are “hands on” tutorials, and participants will need a make-up kit. If one is needed, you will find a link to purchase an affordable kit in the “Materials Needed”.
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There is no "I" in T.E.A.M.
with Yusef Seevers
In this Session, students will explore games and exercises that will help them relax and connect with their classmates in creative play in an environment of easy bonding and respectful acceptance of each other.
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Video Your Audition
with Erik Stein
Video Auditions are the future. Most University, College, and Conservatory programs now require videos as part of the audition process, and the majority of theatre companies are asking for video auditions during their casting process. This class will teach you how to film video auditions like a pro. We’ll watch examples of strong video auditions, we’ll practice specific techniques, and we will create our own videos that will pop on any screen. You will need 32 bars of a song memorized and recorded accompaniment. A piano or karaoke track will work well. Access to a smart phone, iPad, or video camera is needed for this class. We will also need you to be able to upload your video to YouTube on the unlisted setting.
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Between the Lines: Active Listening Onstage
with Katie Fuchs-Wackowski
This Session will explore the fundamental roots of acting - how to listen. Acting is not so much what you say on stage, but rather, listening to what is being said to you. How you respond to that information can be the most important decision an actor has to make when playing a role in a play.
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The Need to Speak
With Andrew Philpot
In a time of heightened emotions and a need for self-expression, spend time with gifted actor and teacher, Andrew Philpot, in an exploration of Shakespeare’s heightened language.
This class will probe the reasons behind the use of heightened rhetoric, and how to use it with intentionality in a scene. Whenever Shakespeare goes from down-to-earth language to poetic flights of fancy, he is telling us something is afoot!
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Meet the Prop Master
With Tim Hogan
PCPA Prop Master, Tim Hogan, will present a workshop that not only explains all that goes into making theatre props, but will guide participants through the steps of making a prop themselves.


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