Young People's Project
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Young People's Project

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Education and Outreach Director
Leo Cortez

New workshops to begin this November.

PCPA offers a series of virtual programming for youth ideally suited for home school and independent study students.
PCPA is a Vendor for the Heartland, Granite Mountain and Blue Ridge Charter Schools. We welcome the Charter families, and we make it easy to register for your certificate to arrive in a timely manner.

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Theatre Enrichment Workshops

Mondays and Wednesdays
10 - 11am

Youth Scenography & Stagecraft

Mondays and Wednesdays
11:30 - 12:30pm

12, 1-hour classes via Zoom

November 2 - December 16, 2020

Enrollment fee:
$120 for Theatre Enrichment Workshops
$120 for Youth Scenography & Stagecraft

    November 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 30,
    December 2, 7, 9, 14, 16

    This workshop series, for students between the ages off 10-16, will offer a "hands-on" introduction to all aspects of the process that theatre artists take to develop a story - from the page to the stage.

    This Young People's Project experience is specially designed for home-schooled or independent study students. The series of 12 workshops, meeting Monday and Wednesday of each week, gives students the opportunity to participate in a total of 12 hours of workshops (24 hours if paired with the Scenography and Stagecraft workshop) acquainting them with the many theatre disciplines that it takes to bring a play's creative vision to life.

    The hands-on approach to these workshops offers each student the opportunity to discover their own creativity by exploring the responsibilities of a member of a theatrical production's creative team. From the genesis of a story idea by the Playwright, the conceptualization of the Director, the ingenuity of the Designer, the craftsmanship of the Artisan, the judgment of the Manager, the savvy of the Producer - by the end of the workshop students will have exercised their own creative ideas in application to real stage production processes.

    Each workshop will blend active seminar-style discussions introducing concepts, followed by practical application in monitored lab time. With the guidance of the instructor, students use lab time to transform their idea into a tangible concept that will be communicated with writing, sketches, photographs, music, historical research, etc. to develop and support their ideas.

    Students will receive a basic introduction to the many artistic components that are needed to produce a live play or musical and gain an enriched appreciation for the creative process - because they will have experienced it first-hand!
    This workshop series, for students between the ages of 10-16, offers an in-depth experience exploring production design, construction, and presentation.

    Scenography covers all areas of production designs. Sets, costumes, lights, props, sound, paints, wardrobe, and make up. Understanding the basic principles of scenography can offer young artists, in all areas of technical design, the confidence they need to be a member of a team that will deliver a production of quality and excellence.

    Stagecraft is primarily the practical implementation of a production designer's artistic vision. It is considered the technical side of theatre rather than of performance. Young theatre students studying stagecraft often discover an artistry that inspires them and a new skill at which they may excel.

    Both Scenography and Stagecraft are the components that bring a production to life. Students learn the importance of research and visual communication that is applied to every stage production. Our workshops combine the studies of both Stagecraft and Scenography to give our students a fundamental understanding of the aesthetics and calculated planning that goes into production design. The instructor, through a hands-on approach will guide students through every lesson and project. Projects are intended to focus on the fun and challenging journey a theatre craftsperson goes through when an idea or images on paper become their project to transform it into a tangible and practical three-dimensional item.

    In this virtual learning environment, students will be guided through a series of techniques used in technical theatre. This will include light construction, scenic painting, sewing and alterations, music and sound, and even a glimpse into culinary arts when we take a look at consumable props.

    It is suggested (but not required) that students enrolling in the Stagecraft and Scenography workshops, first take the Theatre Enrichment Workshops, as the two sessions offer students the experience and knowledge of the artistry and techniques used in production and design. This will allow them to, independently, jump right into the hands-on project.
    Class size is limited to 20 students.

    All workshops take place in a virtual Zoom environment.

    For first-time students interested in taking the Youth Scenography & Stagecraft workshops, it is encouraged to also enroll in the Theatre Enrichment Workshop.

    All students must be registered in the series to participate.

    Once enrolled, each student will receive a list of the supplies they will need to provide. This list will include a variety of brands, prices and local/online purchase options.

    Enrollment in both workshops equates to 24 hours of combined workshop instruction and lab time.

    Total enrollment fee for students taking both workshops is $240.
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